Phonsole is a combination of a command line tool and a website, which allows you to quickly and easily view console output from one device on another. Phonsole doesn't require your devices to be connected via USB, and uses much less CPU and memory than apps like duet display.




Phonsole is split into 3 parts: client, server, and CLI:

Sente is used by all 3 components to send and receive messages via websockets.


Phonsole does not record any of your console output. Output sent from the CLI is sent to the client, then immediately discarded.

Auth0 is used to handle authentication, and requests the absolute bare minimum amount of personal information. This information is used purely to display your name and gravatar on the website. Auth0 does record your details, but this information will not be used for marketing purposes, or sold to third parties.

Running on your own hardware

If you'd prefer to run phonsole on your own hardware, you'll need to set up and deploy your own client and server. Instructions for this can be found in the READMEs (client and server). You will also need to set the PHONSOLE_SERVER environment variable on each machine using the CLI, as detailed here.


Distributed under the GPL V3 license.